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An expansion for Leaving Earth™, focusing on manned exploration and habitation of the inner Solar System. Adds many new features, including:

  • joint ventures where agencies cooperate on shared projects
  • hydroponics to be able to grow food in space
  • habitats for long term settlement
  • science labs for performing experiments
  • medical bays, along with new rules for healing sick astronauts
  • local fuel production from CO₂
  • reusable space shuttles
  • small reusable rockets
  • Aldrin cycler trajectory between Earth and Mars
  • sites to be explored on planets
  • rovers to explore a planet
  • mental health risk of long-term isolation
  • missions that give points per year for long-term occupation

This is an expansion, so it requires the base game to play.

221.022ALeaving Earth: Stations$38.95Add to Cart

221.022Bsigned by the author (Stations)$1.00Add to Cart

Read the rulebook to see what's new in this expansion.

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