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Combination Lock

Do you know how a combination lock works? See for yourself with this easy-to-assemble kit. This wooden combination lock makes a great demonstration piece, showing exactly how a combination lock works, using multiple cams on a single disc. You can even set your own combination!

4″ long × 6″ wide × 3″ high


  • Beginner – 4 to 8 hours
  • Apprentice – 2 to 5 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Figure out how a combination lock works.
  • Learn combination lock terminology.
  • Use hands-on construction techniques.
  • Explain how to set a combination.
  • Figure out how many possible combinations there are.
  • Calculate how long it would take to try all possible combinations.
  • Discover the mathematical relationship between pin locations and dial numbers.
  • Learn about the history of combination locks.
  • Assess the environmental lifecycle of this lock kit.

Lesson Plan

We also offer a lesson plan which covers the history of combination locks; lesson suggestions for shop, math, computation science, environment, language arts, and social studies. The lesson plan includes a rubric for scoring each piece of work that your student delivers. It contains over 20 separate questions/problems related to helping your student’s understanding of these topics. It also contains information as to how to access Linus Yale, Jr.’s patent on the US Patent Office Web Site, another valuable tool to help teach innovation. The last section contains the answers to the questions/problems including explanations to help understanding.

Download the instructions in PDF format.

Download the lesson plan as a PDF file.

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