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Embroidery Class

Beginner Level

Learn in about an hour the 5 basic stitches to do all of our kits:

  • blanket stitch (inside and outside)
  • running stitch
  • back stitch
  • chain stitch (and if you add wings: lazy daisy)
  • French knot – the easy way

Make a sampler of the 5 basic stitches, all materials included.

  • Learn how to speed up your hand stitching by up to 3×.

Advanced Level

  • Explore how to integrate some of the basic stitching to make much more complex designs that will amaze your friends.
  • Classes are about an hour long and meet either Friday at 6:30 pm or Saturday at 10:30 am.
  • Class costs $8 per person (your friend is free during June).
  • We do a separate class for children, just call us and ask.

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