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In January of 1848, an event occurred which changed the face of the west: gold was discovered on the American River in California. As pioneers swarmed to California, hundreds of mining camps sprang up throughout the Mother Lode. Eight miles from the gold discovery site, a camp known as Old Dry Diggins was established. By 1849, it became known as Hangtown.

  • 2–6 players.
  • 60–90 minute play time.
  • Ages 13 and up.
  • Designer: Jonathan Cantin.
  • Artist: Don Aguillo.



action selection

player cards and tokens


In the game of Hangtown, players become Gold Rush pioneers who are competing for riches, resources, property, and prestige. They must also be prepared to deal with outlaws, shootouts, and hangings at the infamous Hangman’s Tree!

The game features a thoughtful variety of streamlined mechanics, which are notably innovative, yet traditional and familiar in feel—such as fresh spins on tableau building, worker placement, simultaneous action selection, variable turn order, and resource and hand management.

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