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The Puzzle Reinvented

difficultytime to assemble
easy5–10 minutes
hard10–20 minutes
you've got to be kidding (YGTBK)1–2 hours

We went back to the basics of puzzle making from the last two centuries to recapture the spirit of the craft and brought it up to speed with new techniques for enhancing the imagery, improving the cutting technique, and reducing the overall waste and environmental impact.

Our puzzle designs are as unique as the name Lumenaris itself, our images, for example, come from a wide variety of interesting sources, including many that are based on hand-colored engravings dating back to the 1700s, antique paintings, drawings, illustrations, and even photographs. We take great care and consideration in handling this original artwork to reproduce it onto our puzzles.

We use a special technique that allows us to transfer the image onto high-quality paper, which is then laminated and sealed onto a three layer, 18″ hardwood base before being cut into puzzle pieces. You read that right, the base of all of our puzzles are made from wood, not cardboard, because we want you to enjoy them for years to come.

All of our puzzles, and even our packaging, are designed and manufactured in the USA from environmentally friendly materials. We use recycled materials for our packaging and shipping containers. The hardwood base is made from European birch from a managed forest. Our goal is to use only sustainable materials that were grown during our lifetime.

We use no plastic in this product or packaging.

Why Try Our Puzzles?

  • They are built on a three-layer hardwood base – not paperboard.
  • They can be put together while you are still having fun – not taking weeks to finish.
  • They fit on a small table, TV, Hospital, or Airline Tray, or even in the car while traveling – instead of taking the entire dining room table.
  • They can be used over and over again and still look new – not falling apart after a few times.
  • They are intended to be used and passed down from generation to generation – not thrown away after a few uses.

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