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Countryside Garden

This wall hanging kit was inspired from my youthful days spent wandering down the paths in my mother's garden. It makes a wall hanging that is 812″ wide × 2312″ tall. It has depth and texture to help bring the flowers alive. You can almost smell the flowers.

This pre-cut kit contains all three scenes below plus the two-layer thick background. All of these kits contain needle, floss, precision pre-cut parts and instructions.

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The Bird Bath

There was always a place in my mother's garden for the birds to find water. The bath was a favorite gathering place where I saw many different birds. Nestled around it were my favorite pansies and Johnny Jump-ups shining their faces to the sun. This pre-cut kit makes a 6″ square block.

The Path

In the garden we had a meandering path that wove its way through the flower beds. It provided many days of entertainment where we could wonder and play and enjoy the beauty of the delphiniums, black-eyed Susans, daisies, pinks, and nasturtiums. This pre-cut kit makes a 6″ square block.

The Sundial

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” was inscribed on the sundial in our garden. Scattered through the garden were beds of daffodils, violets, and hostas. This pre-cut kit makes a 6″ square block.