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Rubber Band Racer

The rubber band carpet racer kit is an easy build project with pre-cut parts. With the cogged wheels, this racer is designed to run on carpet. It is 13″ long, 234″ high and 212″ wide, made from three layer birch hardwood. Kit contains all parts needed for the racer, including body parts, wheels, axles, fastening screws for the wheels, and, of course, some rubber bands. The racer ejects the rubber band after its energy is mostly used up, so the winner might be determined, not by how far the car goes, but by how much farther the rubber band travels.

We also offer a lesson plan which covers experiments you can do with different types and sizes of rubber bands, how to measure the force a rubber band provides, how to test your vehicle, etc. It covers topics such as the math and physics behind the racer, the history of a rubber band, and other interesting items in a lesson format including questions and answers that you can use for educational purposes.

Download the lesson plan as a PDF file.

Assembly time: 1 Hour

Recommended for Age 13+

Caution: Racer ejects the rubber band at the end of travel.

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