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Owl Cherry Blossom Tea Cozy

You've got to try our new tea cozy kit. Imagine your tea pot wrapped in layers of wool felt to keep it piping hot while your favorite blend steeps. The white-faced owl sitting in a cluster of cherry blossoms makes a wonderful talking piece at your lunch, tea, or other social event. The kit contains all of the parts, needle, and floss required. This is an advanced kit and it took our staff over 6 hours to stitch. The cherry tree blossoms provide a nice spring time setting. The owl has great depth as it is 6 layers thick appliqué. The tea cozy is two layers thick providing great body and that famous heat retention from wool. It's even topped off with a cherry blossom handle. It fits a standard-sized tea pot. Our teapot is about 10″ from handle to spout, 7″ tall, and has a 512″ bowl.

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