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Thread Winders

These early 19th century reproduction Thread or Floss Winders have traditionally been used to organize embroidery thread to prevent tangling. Each winder is carved from various hardwoods including walnut, oak, and various light woods such as maple and poplar. Unlike other flat wooden winders, these are carved on both sides and have a sealed matte finish to provide a smooth surface. Buy one for each color floss or thread you have. 158″ Dia.

Special woods such as Purple Heart and California Apricot are also available.





204.0021Maple or Poplar$9.95Add to Cart

204.0001Oak$9.95Add to Cart

204.0011Walnut$9.95Add to Cart

204.0031Purple Heart$9.95Add to Cart

204.0041California Apricot$9.95Add to Cart

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