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Maple Leaves

The wool felt sugar maple leaves are designed from the great American sugar maple tree whose sap is tapped in the spring and boiled down into maple syrup. These leaves are great for your own creation. Use them to decorate mats, quilts, and other articles of your own design. Arrange them loosely for centerpieces on your dining room table. Try stitching them end to end and make garlands for doorways, walls, mirrors, bathrooms, or other places.


light green





203.2054Maple Leaves 3″ × 334″ (assorted)20/$8.59Add to Cart

203.2041Mini Maple Leaves 114″ × 158″ (assorted)20/$4.99Add to Cart

White Oak Leaves

The white oak wool felt leaves are designed from the white oak tree. The wood from the white oak is porous which makes it great for making barrels. These leaves come in three sizes which can be used either separately or mixed together for your next project.

Large leaves are 214″ × 414″, medium are 2″ × 312″, small are 112″ × 234″.

203.2056White Oak (large) (assorted)20/$8.59Add to Cart

203.2057White Oak (medium) (assorted)20/$6.29Add to Cart

203.2058White Oak (small) (assorted)20/$4.29Add to Cart

Williamsburg Oak Leaves

These leaves are designed after a very unique variety of oak. The leaf can be used either as a leaf or as a Christmas tree. The tips of the leaves are more pointy than the white Oak leaf. These work particularly well on circular designs with the leaf points in or out.

414″ long.

203.2061112″ Williamsburg Oak (assorted)20/$4.99Add to Cart

203.2059414″ Williamsburg Oak (assorted)12/$8.59Add to Cart

203.2060512″ Williamsburg Oak (assorted)8/$8.59Add to Cart