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The Golden Wilderness

The Golden Wilderness™ is a game of early California, from the Spanish explorers to the Gold Rush. Players take part in the colonization of California, exploring and developing the land.

  • 2–5 players.
  • Ages 15 and up.

The box top.

The real California.

A California with a major bay.

A California divided by deserts and mountains.

  • Colonize California with pioneers, soldiers, and priests, and interact with various California Indians.
  • The board is made of interlocking tiles, so you can lay it out in the actual shape of California, or you can explore the land during play.
  • All of the people featured in the game are real people from California history.
  • The rules are divided into levels, so you can play a simple game right from the start, moving up to a more complex game whenever you're ready.

The rules are available for download in .pdf format.

See this game's entry on, and read reviews:

"This is one of the best designed games ever, offering great flexibility tailored to all ability levels." –Jeremiah

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